Delivering fastest and most accurate results.

Our innovative suite of tools allows you to preview emails in 45+ different email clients and devices, diagnose & improve your renderability, deliverability, click-throughs, conversions & reduce complaints.

Inbox Preview

Generate instant previews across 45+ desktop, web-based email readers, tablets & mobile devices.

Spam Filter Testing

Test, resolve and monitor any deliverability issues in 24 leading spam filters and blacklists.

Run Unlimited Tests

All our price plans include unlimited email campaign, link, image & spam filter testing!

Manage the success of your email campaigns

Achieve best-in-class performance & build better relationships with your customers.


Use the library of tips and tricks to resolve issues - fast! Details and work-a-round solutions are provided for each individual client, all from within your test result window!


Drag, slide, and rotate your email just like you would when viewing it in the actual device - no paging, no repeating headers! That's 4 screen captures for each rotating device.


Need someone else to weigh in on your campaign? No problem. You can simply share your test results link with your coworkers or clients.

Fast & Accurate Auto Process

Real screenshots = 100% accuracy. With our auto-process feature, just hit send and we'll instantly process the test for you.

Test Deliverability in 24 Spam Filters & Blacklists

Will anything in your content cause your email to get flagged as spam, and if so, what do you need to change to prevent that from happening? Run spam filtering results across leading desktop and enterprise Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam applications—before you deploy your email to subscribers.

AOL • Apple Mail 5 • Apple Mail 6 • Apple Mail 7 • Barracuda • Cloudmark • DKIM • Fastmail • Gmail • GMX • Google Apps • Hushmail • Iron Port • • Outlook 2003 • Outlook 2007 • Outlook 2010 • Outlook 2013 • • Spam Assassin - SPF • Symantec Cloud • Symantec Messaging Gateway (formerly Brightmail) • Yahoo.
Link and Image Validation

Never send a broken link or image again! Don't waste time trying to test and validate links and images in every email you send. Use our Link and Image Validator to do the job for you. The feature automatically runs in the background while we process your email.  For both link and image checking, we’ll locate links to both URLs and externally hosted images and follow them to check they resolve properly. We also process your images through blacklist services to ensure optimal deliverability.


You can easily generate a visual link map and check to ensure that each of your link and image references are valid. With our link map feature you can visually verify all your links are going to the right destination, get a screenshot of your email with coloured hotspots to highlight any errors. You can also confirm that link-tracking (like Google Analytics) is in place.


Analyse email campaign code and check it against more than a thousand rules to give you a detailed HTML and CSS compatibility report that highlights any potential problems. Errors are classified as critical, moderate and minor. Our code analysis identifies individual lines of code that are not supported in each email client. Critical errors might adversely affect your layout whereas minor errors might include unsupported fonts, alt, or title tags.

Supported email clients and devices

We’ll track client and device usage so you can focus your testing and optimisation efforts where they really matter.

Desktop Clients

Apple Mail 8 • Apple Mail 9 • Live Mail • Lotus Notes 6.5 • Lotus Notes 7 • Lotus Notes 8 • Lotus Notes 8.5 •Outlook 2003 • Outlook 2007 • Outlook 2010 • Outlook 2010 (120 dpi) • Outlook 2011 • Outlook 2013 • Outlook 2013 (120 dpi) • Outlook 2016 • Outlook 2016 (Mac) • Thunderbird

Mobile Clients

Android 4.4.4 • Android 5.1.0 • Android Gmail • Gmail App iOS 7 • iPad 2 • iPad Mini • iPad Retina (iOS 8) • iPhone 5S (iOS 7) • iPhone 5S (iOS 8) • iPhone 6 (iOS 8) • iPhone 6+ (iOS8)

Web Clients

AOL • BOL • Comcast • • Gmail • GMX • Laposte • Google Apps • Libero • • Office 365 • • QQ • • • • • Terra • • Yahoo! •